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Offshore Bass Fishing Report

Daily Fishing Log For June 5, 2021

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date June 5, 2021 Air Temp Current Generation Heavy
Fisherman Chance Davis- Davis Guide Service (918) 990-1040 Water Temp 72-79
Hours Fished Sky Water Clarity Stained
Fishing Overall Excellent Wind
Fish Caught
Total Caught Total Keepers
Size/Weight (Pounds)
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
The fish are really stacking up offshore on main lake points and humps.
Fishing Notes

The fish are really stacking up on offshore structure. For the past week, the dam has been pulling close to 30,000 cubic feet per second through the lake. The has cause the offshore bite to turn on in a big way. With the water being high for most of the week, people have still been catching bass in flooded bushes but that bite is dying quick.

The offshore bite seems to have more and more fish showing up daily. I have been graphing over every point before I fish it. If I see bass, I turn around and have been getting bites within the first couple of cast. My best bite has been on a Motley Tungsten football jig in the camo green pumpkin color but I will be trying a deep diving crankbait a lot more this week. The bite was so good for me last week, I just didnt change it up because I didnt need to.

The bass have been sitting in 10-20 foot of water. I look for shad to be pushed up close to the point, I look for bass, and I turn around and catch them. I will catch between 4-8 bass until the school breaks up and move on to the next point. If I see to much bait, I dont fish it. By to much bait, I mean bait that is blacking the graphs out with bait. I want bait present but not to much.

This bite will change this week also though I believe. The Corps is starting to slow down the release at the dam. This will make hitting feeding windows much more important. Once the current slows down, I will really start focusing on cover sitting on the points. Some fish may leave to secondary points and some will stay there for the summer. If you have high blue bird skies, no wind, and no current, this is going to make things tough. At this point, I will have to pull out the shaky head or other finesse baits.

The morning bite and evening bite on points will still be good but the mid day bite could get tough. If you are fishing this weekend for bass, pay attention to the water release schedule. If you have a good point or offshore spot that you are wanting to fish, I would start there first thing in the morning and ignore the shallow bite. You will find more more fish grouped up, they will eat, and you will not be relying on finding a single roaming shallow bass. Good luck this weekend.

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