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South Lake Bass Fishing Report

Daily Fishing Log For June 17, 2021

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date June 17, 2021 Air Temp Upper 90s Current Generation Minimum
Fisherman Chance Davis- Davis Guide Service (918) 990-1040 Water Temp 86-92
Hours Fished 9 Sky Sunny Water Clarity Clean
Fishing Overall Excellent Wind None
Fish Caught
Total Caught Total Keepers
25+ 25
Size/Weight (Pounds)
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
Flutter Spoon, Hair Jig, DT-16
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
Silver, White, and Chartreuse Blue Back
We targeted underwater points and offshore high spots in Drowning, Duck, and main lake points from 15-20 feet of water.
Fishing Notes

Today was an epic day. These fish are schooled up so good on offshore structure that when you find them, it is unbelieve the fish you can put in the boat. We targeted subtle underwater points, and high spots on points today. With no wind and very little current, and the sun; it made for a miserable day on the water for the humans in the boat. The fish didnt seem to mind though.

When graphing these offshore spots, you really have to look for these fish. I keep my trails on my graphs turned on so I can see where I have looked at already. By the end of graphing the point or offshore structure, it looks like it is painted completely red. It is time consuming, but once you dial it in, it is all worth it.

When we are finding these schools of fish, they are grouped up TIGHT! My trails look like I am literally painting the points red. While we are not finding fish on all of them, the ones we are finding are extremely loaded. On all of our spots, we idled over the spot and I saw 1 bass positioned the way I wanted to see them. I marked that 1 fish and hit it at a different angle and bingo. It is amazing how tight of an area the fish are holding in.

After we found the bass, we turned around and flat out smoked them. Multiple fish on multiple cast. We were both hooked up at the same time and had to net 2 fish at the same time. We caught 12 bass on 6 cast between the two of us on 6 straight cast and had a few doubles come off on a crankbait. It was truly an epic day.

All of our fish came on a flutter spoon, hair jig, and a DT-16 crankbait. While we caught fish on those baits, the bigger bites came on the flutter spoon. The bites on the flutter spoon were chunks!

The moral of this report is if you are going to spend time offshore, spend the time and really graph the area. If there is no bait, leave. If the bait is blacking out the screen, leave. If there is a decent amount of bait, graph the area out extremely well before moving on. When you think your done, make another pass. You want to see the bass positioned on the bottom and not suspended over deeper water. If the bass are suspending over the deeper water, even if they are right off of the point or ledge, they will bite but are much tougher to get to fire off. Good luck and stay cool. It is crazy hot out there. I am looking forward to the wind coming tomorrow.

Photos of the Day

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