Thursday, March 2nd
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Justin Hatfield

I was born in Grove, Oklahoma and grew up learning to fish on Grand Lake. Fishing for a living has been a dream of mine since I was 12 years old. I worked hard and turned that dream into a reality by starting Hatfields Guide Service. Six years ago, I took the leap and have been a full time fishing guide on Grand Lake ever since. I also provide trips on Lake Hudson, Kaw Lake, and Oologah Lake. I provide services for spoonbill, blue catfish, and white bass. I have spent countless hours learning Grand Lake and learning how to stay on the fish. One of my biggest accomplishments was putting a client on the Grand Lake record spoonbill in 2018. The giant topped the scales at 121 pounds and the record still holds to this day. If you want to book a trip, you can contact me at (918) 314-2892. You can also find me on facebook at Hatfields Guide Service.

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